It's finally starting!

Italy is opening this very special European football championship in Rome.

Especially not only because it will kick off in an odd year due to the Corona postponement.

Especially because the games are not taking place in one or two countries, but in eleven cities in eleven different nations in Europe and even in Asia (Baku in Azerbaijan).

Tobias Rabe

Responsible editor for Sport Online.

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    All of the circumstances make forecasting tricky.

    There are no longer any old certainties.

    And chance seems to play a bigger role anyway.

    What happens if the favorite has to do without their best players who are stuck in quarantine?

    Or what if the whole team cannot compete because of that?

    Such cases can arise.

    In the EM forecast at FAZ.NET, Daniel Memmert and Fabian Wunderlich use a calculation model that is primarily based on the values ​​of the betting market.

    All relevant information for the evaluation of the individual opportunities is included here.

    Therefore, despite all the imponderables, the probabilities have good informative value.

    At the opening match of the Italians in the Olympic Stadium in their own capital this Friday (9 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the European Football Championship, on ARD and on MagentaTV), the roles are clearly assigned.

    The Squadra Azzurra will win the game at the start in Group A against Turkey with a probability of 62.2 percent.

    Turkey's success is rather unlikely with 12.5 percent, 25.3 percent speak for a draw.

    And what do I do now with my knowledge?

    The best thing to do is to try your luck in the EM prediction game on FAZ.NET.

    There are prizes worth a total of 8,000 euros to be won.