FIFA boss Gianni Infantino wants to thoroughly reform football.

He is thinking, among other things, of a salary ceiling, lower transfer fees, fewer matches and a mandatory number of self-trained players per club.

He says this in an interview with


published on Tuesday


The failed attempt by twelve top European clubs to start their own Super League was the reason for the ideas.

"We need to improve the economic stability of football while ensuring that the different leagues are in balance," Infantino said in the French sports newspaper.

Many clubs are in financial trouble due to the corona crisis.

According to Infantino, the solution should not be sought in making even more money, but rather in saving costs.

"Let's seriously consider introducing a salary ceiling," said the Swiss.

"And also about limits on transfer fees and limits on commissions for agents."

Gianni Infantino spoke at the UEFA congress in Montreux last month.

Gianni Infantino spoke at the UEFA congress in Montreux last month.

Photo: EPA

Players may be given maximum number of matches per season

Infantino emphasizes that he is not deaf to the problems of the Super League clubs and hopes for a discussion in which all clubs feel heard.

"It would be good if a maximum number of players per club were set, as well as an obligation to have a number of self-trained players in the selection," said the FIFA boss.

"I even want to think about a maximum number of matches that the top players can play per season."

To achieve that, national competitions may need to be reduced.

Infantino: "At a national level you can make the season more exciting with fewer clubs in a league by introducing play-offs."