In the United States, while Matsuyama's achievements have been reported, the actions of Shota Hayato, who served as a caddy, have also been praised.

Immediately after Matsuyama sank the putt to win the final 18th hole green, Mr. Hayato, who served as a caddy, returned the pin to the cup, took off his hat, and thanked the course.

Immediately after announcing Matsuyama's victory, the sports channel "ESPN" posted a video of this scene on Twitter and received praise comments such as "It's a beautiful sight."

ABC of the United States also said, "Mr. Hayato bowed to the course where he spent the best day with Matsuyama. Simple, polite, discreet, and summarizing the thoughts of Matsuyama who fulfilled his lifelong dream. "And so on.

Mr. Hayato is a 27-year-old junior at Matsuyama's high school and university, and has been an exclusive caddy for Matsuyama since he was an adult.

The act of taking off a hat and bowing is not uncommon in the Japanese sports world, but it has become a form of renewed attention from overseas media to the politeness of Japan.