Screenshot of the FIFA website.

  China News Service, April 8th. On the 7th local time, FIFA updated the latest world rankings.

The Chinese men's football ranking dropped two places to 77th.

In terms of Asian rankings, the national football team is still ranked ninth.

  Prior to this, the restarted international football was held in the world preliminaries, warm-up matches and many other games.

However, the Chinese men's national team still did not play any international games.

In the ranking announced this time, the national football score is 1322.96 points, ranking 77th in the world, down two places compared with the previous period.

  None of the top 6 in the world has changed.

Belgium still occupies the top spot, followed by France, Brazil, England, Portugal and Spain.

The Italian team's ranking has risen by 3 places, and the latest ranking beats the Argentine team in seventh place.

  In terms of Asian rankings, the national football team ranks 9th, behind Japan, Iran, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the UAE.