Rikako Ikee passed the semi-final in 1st place in the women's 100-meter freestyle at the Japan Championships in Swimming.

Let the first half flow ...

Rikako Ikee, the women's 100-meter freestyle semi-final, said, "I swept in the first half," and turned back 50 meters in 7th place at 27.22.

After entering the second half, he raised his gear and overtook the players swimming in front of him one after another.

Then, he took the top with about 20 meters remaining and finished as it was.

Although the time was 54.36, which was 0.06 behind the qualifying, the race was rock solid and he advanced to the final in 1st place overall.

Ikee said, "Since the qualifying was faster than I expected, I thought it would be good if I could swim in the semi-finals in the same time as the qualifying. I got the image of the race I wanted to do for tomorrow." In the final on the 8th, he strongly declared, "I think the 53-second range will come out. I am confident in the latter half of the race, so I want to take the plunge and shorten the time firmly."

Regarding Ikee's semi-final race, head coach Norimasa Hirai of Japan's swimming team said, "I'm glad I could see the race pattern she was doing before for the first time in a while. The other day's victory deepened my confidence. I think, but I feel that I am facing the race with plenty of time. "

The standard record for the women's 100-meter freestyle Tokyo Olympics is 53.31. The final on the 8th is scheduled for after 5 pm.