Khaled Obaid: I expect that "Abu Dhabi's pride" will move away from the summit by a comfortable difference ... and the public confirms:

Al-Ahly youth are the most dangerous on the top of Al-Jazeera

Ahdaf Ali Mabkhout contributed greatly to Al Jazeera's lead in the league.

Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem

Al-Jazira team came to the top of the Arab Gulf League after 18 rounds in which it proved to everyone that it deserves it, with its high level and technical performance, thanks to a group of the tournament's best players.

Al-Jazira rejected all previous opportunities to take the lead, despite the stumbling of the former leader, Sharjah, on more than one occasion.

Al-Jazeera climbed to the top from Sharjah Gate the day before yesterday, and returned with a victory that is the most important to him so far, although eight rounds are still remaining in the season, and the door is open to all possibilities.

Al-Jazirah won an impressive 3-0 victory on the land of Sharjah, while at the same time it was evident that the “King” had been suffering from a continuous results crisis with him for some time, as he lost three championships, and led the league in less than a month. The next round will definitely be decisive, as he meets Al Jazeera. Youth Al-Ahly, and victory with Sharjah.

The distinctive results of "Samawy" continued this season, and he proved that he was able to compete.

In the absence of the one star, Bani Yas overtook Ajman to come close to the presidency.

Emirates Today monitored a question about the public’s opinion of the team closest to Al Jazeera’s competition for the league title, in the remainder of the rounds, through a question on the newspaper’s account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “Share with us the opinion: After he led the Arab Gulf League .. Who The team qualified to compete with Al Jazira for the league title, following the varying levels of the teams since the start of the second round?

Four teams were monitored: Sharjah, Al-Nasr, Shabab Al-Ahly and Baniyas.

In the results of the voting, in which 312 people participated, 41.3% of the participants chose Al-Ahly youth as the closest to competing with Al Jazeera, while Sharjah came second with 23.7%, then Bani Yas team by 23.1%, and Al Nasr came in last place with 11.9%.

The «General» managed to achieve a difficult victory over Hatta, to continue to advance towards the competition for the title.

On the other hand, Classico Al Wasl and Al Wahda came out with a positive draw, but it had more than one meaning, especially for Al Wasl team, which refused to lose again, and it will have a new mission in the next round, when it comes out to face Al Ain in a historic Clasico, it will prove the extent of Al Wasl’s ability to continue in Good results.

At the bottom, things did not change much for the three teams threatened with relegation, namely: Hatta the last, Ajman before the last, and Fujairah 12, all of which lost in the 18th round.

And it was clear that these teams lack focus and repeated fatal defensive mistakes.

Ajman suffered greatly from these mistakes, in addition to receiving up to six red cards for its players.

No rival for the island

Technical analyst Khaled Obaid confirmed that there is no competitor for the Al-Jazira team for the league title in the coming period, indicating that he expects the team to move away from the summit by a comfortable difference, given its enjoyable football from the start of the league, so he deserved to reach the top after 18 rounds, indicating Noting that there is no team that offers what the island's stars offer.

Obaid told Emirates Today: “After the 18th round, no team will compete with Al Jazeera for the title, especially after the declining level of the Sharjah team, and I expect that it will not return in the near future, in addition to that the leading teams will enter the Asian arena, which gives preference to the Al Jazeera team. And I think that Shabab Al-Ahly may be the closest competitors to Al-Jazeera if the latter loses any points in the coming period, but at the same time the Khorfakkan team gave a warning bell to the Shabab Al-Ahly team after the level that he appeared in front of the team.

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