With the spread of the new corona virus, the Japan Boxing Federation has made a special decision after the IOC = International Olympic Committee's special team has decided to change the selection method of participating players, such as canceling the world final qualifying for boxing at the Tokyo Olympics. We have submitted a petition to the team for the final qualifying round in Asia and Oceania.

The IOC's special team, which mainly conducts boxing for the Tokyo Olympics, had scheduled the final qualifying round for the Tokyo Games in Paris in June, but decided to cancel it due to the spread of the infection.

The 53 slots that were planned to be contested in this qualifying round will be decided based on the ranking set by the special team.

The change in selection method is expected to be officially approved by the IOC's board of directors this month.

In response to this situation, the Japan Amateur Boxing Federation has announced that it has submitted a petition requesting the special team to hold the final qualifying round.

According to the petition, the ranking of the special team reflects the results of international competitions that have participated since 2017, so young players around the age of 20 who have little track record overseas may not be evaluated correctly. I'm pointing out.

In order to make the most fair selection, we request that the final qualifying round be held in Asia and Oceania.

Sadanobu Uchida, chairman of the Japan Boxing Federation, said, "The players haven't given up and hope that the qualifying will be held until the end."