Last Sunday the SVM went empty-handed - 0: 1 against MSV Duisburg.

Good omen: In the first leg, TSV 1860 Munich had the upper hand and won 3-1.

The home team's previous games have always been entertaining, as no one in the third division has scored more goals than coach Michael Köllner's (38) team.

Nine wins and six draws stand against four bankruptcies in the balance sheet of 1860 Munich.

Most recently, things went pretty well for 1860 - 13 points from the last five games are the yield.

So far, things have been modest for SV Meppen in unfamiliar places - the yield is limited to a meager ten points.

The guest brought seven wins, one draw and eleven defeats from the previous games.


Will the game end as clearly as the table suggests?

Torsten Frings' team is currently only 14th with 22 points, while TSV 1860 Munich has eleven points more and is third.

If both teams stay true to their line and play the game with the usual rigor, the referee will have his hands full.

Around 1860 Munich Meppen expects a high hurdle.

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