Former motorcycle racer Jan de Vries died last Thursday in his hometown of Purmerend at the age of 77, various media report on Sunday.

The two-time world champion in the 50cc died from the consequences of an acute cardiac arrest.

De Vries is the most successful Dutch motorcycle racer in a solo class on the road.

He became world champion in the 50cc class on a Van Veen Kreidler in 1971 and 1973.

The native Frisian won a Grand Prix fourteen times, but never crossed the finish line first in the TT in Assen.

He did, however, become second in Drenthe in 1969, 1970 and 1972.

In total he was on the podium 27 times in the 50 cc.

In 1971 De Vries received the Hans de Beaufort Cup, the highest award in the Dutch motorsport world.

Last year he was one of the drivers who was allowed to drive a lap of honor on the circuit at the 95th edition of the TT in Assen.

After his successes as a motorcycle racer, De Vries started working as a tuner for racing motorcycles.

He was a mechanic for the Spaniard Ángel Nieto, the biggest competitor during his active career.