The USA, which ends the group game against Sweden, impressed a lot in tonight's first JVM match, where they met Sweden's premier opponent the Czech Republic.

After a fairly even start, the USA took over overall, and eventually won with a full 7-0.

Two of the goals were really delicious.

Secondly, Trevor Zegra's 2-0 goal, where Henry Thrun was responsible for a truly magnificent assist where he masked his diagonal pass in total.

The Czech goalkeeper was completely overplayed and left the goal completely open for Thrun.

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Trevor Zegras makes it 2-0 for the USA

But perhaps the most beautiful was the 7-0 goal (found in the clip above), where Matthew Boldy in numerical superiority got the puck to the right of the goal cage, with his back to the goal.

He then grabbed the puck, pulled the club between his legs and flicked deliciously 7-0 past the goalkeeper.

With the victory, the USA goes up in group lead, on the same points as Sweden but with a better goal difference.

The teams meet on New Year's Eve.