At the scene of the accident, Gross made an escape. client, November 30. On the 29th local time, during the 2020 Formula One World Championship in Bahrain, the car of the French driver Grosjean of the Haas team exploded after hitting the wall.

According to information released on the F1 official website, the driver's hands and ankles were slightly burned, and the current condition is stable.

  During the race, Grosjean's car suddenly lost control after cornering, hit the fence and burst into flames.

Fortunately, Grosjean jumped out of the car quickly, and the on-site medical staff also arrived in time without any more accidents.

After the accident, the game was immediately suspended and Grosjean was rushed to the hospital.

  Recalling this terrible accident, all the riders had lingering fears.

Hamilton said: "The scenes of Grosjean's accident were really shocking. When we got into the car, we knew the risk we took and we were very grateful that the Halo system worked. This race is very physically demanding, Max. Today is very fast and I can feel it. Thank you very much for the team."

  It is understood that the Halo system is a system that provides full head protection for drivers when driving at high speeds.

Grosjean was treated in the hospital.

  After the race, Grosjean was also voted by the audience as the best driver of the day.

He updated his personal social media and expressed his gratitude to everyone: "Hello everyone, I want to tell everyone that I am fine, except for hands... Thank you for your blessings. I didn't support the Halo system before, but thank you It was introduced to the F1 car. If it weren’t for it, maybe I wouldn’t be able to talk to you here now. Thanks to the medical team, the staff at the track and the hospital, I hope I can write back to you soon."

  In this race, Hamilton eventually won his 95th career victory, and Verstappen and Alben won the second and third place.