It has been a blue and yellow podium party in the world cup premiere in Finland this weekend.

First Johanna Skottheim drove in third in the women's distance race on Saturday and then the men - through Sebastian Samuelsson and Martin Ponsiluoma - filled with a second and third place in Sunday's sprint.

Ladies' sprint?

It was a performance by Hanna Öberg.

The 25-year-old, who had never won a sprint competition before, was windy in the tracks, shot full and finished almost 24 seconds ahead of reigning sprint world champion Marte Olsbu Röiseland.

"Opened hard"

- I'm very pleased.

I opened pretty hard out of the stadium and got receipts for it.

It feels great, says Hanna Öberg and continues:

- I felt safe on the embankment today.

After last season, I set goals for myself that I wanted to be part of and be able to fight to win a sprint.

I'm very pleased.

Sweden at the top

Behind that, Johanna Skottheim and Mona Brorsson impressed, both in the top five at the time of writing.

Norwegian Karoline Offigstad Knotten is third.

The reigning champion of the overall cup, the Italian Dorothea Wierer, blocked a shot in the first shot and ended up outside the top 20.

Tiril Eckhoff, Norway, also had a hard day and shot away already on the initial shoot, three booms.

CUT: Double on the podium for the men

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Swedish success in the men's sprint - double blue-yellow on the podium Photo: Bildbyrån