Lewis Hamilton won the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday, ahead of the Red Bull duo Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon.

The race was overshadowed in the early stages by heavy crashes from Romain Grosjean and to a lesser extent Lance Stroll.

Seven-time world champion Hamilton recorded the 95th victory in his career.

A slow second pit stop by Verstappen prevented him from making it really difficult for the Merecedes driver.

Red Bull did take a double podium.

Alexander Albon took advantage of Sergio Pérez's withdrawal in the final phase and finished third for the second time in his career.

It was the first double podium for Red Bull since the Malaysian GP in 2017, when Verstappen won and then teammate Daniel Ricciardo finished third.

A sea of ​​flames at Romain Grosjean's Haas after his heavy crash in the first lap.

(Photo: Pro Shots)

Race stopped for more than an hour after crash Grosjean

The race was startled in the first lap by a crash by Grosjean, who was perhaps the worst in recent years in Formula 1. The Frenchman hit the crash barrier after a collision with Daniil Kvyat, where his car broke in two and caught fire.

The Haas driver got stuck in the sea of ​​flames for a few seconds, but was able to escape on his own.

He only had burns on his hands and his ankle from the accident.

The race was stopped for more than an hour so that the damage could be repaired.

At the restart it went wrong again immediately, Stroll went upside down after a touché with Kvyat again.

The Canadian himself could crawl out of his overturned car.

The stewards ruled this time that the crash could be blamed on Kvyat and gave the Russian a time penalty of ten seconds.