Traffic things, this Friday, and to know what other days, the fact is that there is no way that

Luis Enrique will

arrive on time to a press conference.

A lot (traffic) must have taken before appearing in the press room of

St. Jakob

, scene of the penultimate match of the League of Nations for Spain (against



Almost 20 minutes late, he sat down and shredded an opponent who, in his opinion, is better than





"It is one of the most complete teams in Europe. It may not have an individuality of the highest level, but it is one of the best-working teams, the most worked of the group," he began his speech, and insisted when they reminded him that Switzerland He has been all 2020 without winning a game.

"That is the analysis of someone who is not a football professional. Mine, as a professional, is that it is a very good team.

In Madrid it cost us an egg to beat them

, they change things during the game, they have many variants. the two games tied, "he explained.

When Luis Enrique arrived, by the way, he said he wanted to improve Spain's FIFA ranking.

So, 2018, it was ninth.

Today is sixth.

Goal accomplished?

"It is always better to have good results, but it is clear that they will judge us by what we do in the big tournaments, in the big competitions. Reaching the Euro is always better with good dynamics, but it doesn't guarantee anything.

I'd rather be on the 16th. in the FIFA ranking and win the European



Just after Luis Enrique came Morata, the fashionable boy in this concentration, thrown into the downhill of goals and with options even to be a starter against Switzerland, despite the fact that he has not come for a long time.

"I think it is the first time, if not the second, that I play

more than six games in a row, more than 60 minutes each game

. Continuity is given by playing, there is no other secret," he said.

"I am the same person, the same player, I am lucky that they treat me well wherever I go. Of course I think I can be the ninth of this team, but here there are many players who score many goals and they just need to start enter, "he concluded.

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