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Giro d'Italia one minute ago

Another 118 km

- Three were able to forge a plan in the bus.

Campenaerts, Pellaud and Cerny join forces and immediately take half a minute on the peloton.

Giro d'Italia · 4 minutes ago

Official Start!

About four hours later, but we have finally officially started.

The possible escapees will probably, due to the shortened route, get even less space.

Giro d'Italia 7 minutes ago

Unofficial start!

We are finally back on our bikes, for now still in neutral zone.

Giro d'Italia 13 minutes ago

Anyway, the riders are heading for the start!


💗🚲 @ W1lcokelderman and the guys are on their way to the # Giro🇮🇹 start line in Abbiategrasso.


Avatar Author Team Sunweb Moment of places 14: 24 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia 14 minutes ago

Mauro Vegni is clearly dissatisfied with the course of events.

The Giro boss states that the request of the riders to shorten the course was not accepted, but that the organization simply had to bow its head.

"Someone will also have to pay for this", the Italian refers to agreements with cities and villages that the Giro would address today and which have therefore not been observed.

14 minutes ago

Giro d'Italia 22 minutes ago

Giro boss Mauro Vegni shows his dissatisfaction with the current situation.

Undoubtedly, the last word has not yet been spoken on this.

#Giro - Vegni: "What happened today will put into shadow everything we did about it. Everyone know giro was in October, today there were 13 ° C. I listened a lot of riders, many didn't agree. Then you know how it starts, few didn't want to race and rest will follow "


Avatar Author La Flamme Rouge Moment of places 14: 16 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia 27 minutes ago

There is the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team!

Another fifteen minutes until we finally start.

We are in Abbiategrasso for the (new) start of #Giro stage 19. Photo: @BeelWout


Avatar Author Deceuninck-QuickStepMoment of places14: 10 - October 23, 2020

Giro d'Italia 39 minutes ago

Preparations for the reboot are in full swing, so we still have to be patient.

Ready to restart the #Giro.


Avatar Author Deceuninck-QuickStep Moment of places 13:58 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia one hour ago

Not all teams have arrived in Abbiategrasso yet.


#Giro 🇮🇹 Still driving to the new start of stage 19 but already ready to back in saddle


Avatar Author Trek-Segafredo Moment of places 13:41 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia one hour ago

According to Eurosport, the start will take even longer, so you can pay all your attention to the Vuelta for the time being.

We will keep you informed when more information comes from Italy!


🚴🇮🇹 |

Another update: start has been delayed to 14: 30🇮🇹 #Giro d'Italia LIVE📺 Eurosport 1💻📱 without interruptions:


Avatar Author Eurosport Netherlands Moment of places 13: 37 - 23 October 2020

an hour ago

Giro d'Italia one hour ago

Since then we have had to make do with images of the team coaches.

Giro d'Italia one hour ago

This morning the riders got on their bikes for a while, but after 8 kilometers the ride was neutralized.

Partly because of the bad weather conditions, the stage was considerably shortened.

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

He has not cycled a lot today, but Kelderman still enjoys his pink outfit.

"It's wonderful. The pink helmet, the full outfit. This is a dream come true", the Dutchman told



Kelderman also looked back on yesterday: "Maybe it seems that I will let my head hang, but I will never break. That's my way of racing. That's how I got through my entire career with all those injuries. I wanted that pink one. jersey and kept fighting for it. "

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

Initially, the riders would pass Abbiategrasso, so little else will change from the new starting place on the course.

#Giro - Stage 19 (new route) 🚩 Abbiategrasso🏁 Asti🚴🏻‍♂️ 124 KmRoute:


Avatar Author La Flamme Rouge Moment of places 12: 37 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

It will be the first option: start in Abbiategrasso.

Due to the relocated start, the stage will still have a length of 124 kilometers.

The race will restart from Abbiategrasso (MI), keeping active all the intermediate sprints from there on. La corsa ripartirà da Abbiategrasso (MI), mantenendo attivi tutti i traguardi volanti da lì in poi.



Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 12: 42 - 23 October 2020

2 hours ago

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

We still haven't gotten much wiser.

Where and at what time do we see Kelderman in pink again?

According to Italian media, these appear to be the options:

  • 1.30 pm in Abbiategrasso

  • 2 pm in Como

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

The riders have indeed been on the bike for a while, but nothing is known about the new location and start time.

Considering the weather situation the race has been neutralized at Km 8. Will follow updates on the restart.La tappa, viste le condizioni atmosferiche, è stata neutralizzata al km 8. Seguiranno aggiornamenti per la precisa ripartenza della corsa.



Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 11: 43 - October 23, 2020

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

Not all teams wanted to shorten the stage.

INEOS Grenadiers and BORA-hansgrohe would like to drive the full 250 kilometers, according to Italian media.

#Giro - According to Rai, Team INEOS-Grenadiers and Bora-Hansgrohe are between the teams that wanted to ride the full stage today.


Avatar Author La Flamme Rouge Moment of places 11:40 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

There is still much uncertainty about the exact starting location.

#Giro - Rai reporting now that race will restart in Vigevano to reach the finish line in time (16.30), so about a 100 Km stage


Avatar Author La Flamme Rouge Moment of places 11: 26 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

According to Italian media, Astana riders also complained about a bad connection to the hotel after yesterday's stage.

Because of this, and also because of the early start, they would have been able to sleep very few hours.

#Giro - Rai reporting now after talking with some Astana riders that protests were about timetables.

Long transfer after yesterday stage in the middle of the traffic (1h to pass Tirano) and early start today so few hours of sleep for the riders.


Avatar Author La Flamme Rouge Moment of places 11: 20 - 23 October 2020

3 hours ago

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

The riders are not on the bike, but by bus.

#Giro the race is definitely on.

Team buses are racing to pick up the riders and get to the real start around Como.

right call by the riders, but again, should have been discussed and decided last night.

Big mess here right now.

# Giro103 @Eurosport @gcntweet


Avatar Author Bernhard Eisel Moment of places 11:09 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia · 4 hours ago

The riders are now on the bus, on their way to the new starting location: according to

La Gazetta dello Sport

 that is Como, near Milan.


❕After discussions ahead of the start, the decision has been made to shorten today's stage. The riders will go by bus closer to the finish and will then take on the 150km to Asti.

#AstanaProTeam #Giro


Avatar Author Astana Pro Team Moment of places 11: 06 - October 23, 2020

Giro d'Italia · 4 hours ago

According to

La Gazetta dello Sport

, the new course will be about 180 kilometers long.

In that case, the start is in Como.

#Giro - Gazzetta reporting now that new stage will start from Como and will be 180 Km long


Avatar Author La Flamme Rouge Moment of places 11: 02 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia · 4 hours ago

In addition to yesterday's tough ride and today's unnecessarily long ride, the harsh weather conditions are also reason to shorten the course.

According to reports from Italy, the riders are afraid that they will weaken their immune systems even more during such a long day in the pouring rain.

In todays #GiroRiders are refusing to race because its too wet, cold and the stage is too long.

Middle Age hits you hard.


Avatar Author Derek Goulding Moment of places 10:55 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia · 4 hours ago

The last minute decision causes a lot of chaos, also for the riders.


This is predictably chaotic ... #Giro


Avatar Author Daniel Ostanek Moment of places 10:55 - 23 October 2020

4 hours ago

Giro d'Italia · 4 hours ago

The idea to shorten the longest stage of this round comes from the riders themselves, who protested with the help of cycling union CPA.

It was only just before the start that it was actually decided to shorten the ride.

With the CPA Union the riders protested to have stage 19 shortened and the #Giro organizer agreed which was met to a loud round of applause before the start in Morbegno.

It was due to be the longest stage but rain in cold weather dampened and everyone's spirits.

more on @flobikes


Avatar Author Gregor Brown Moment of Places 10:50 - 23 October 2020

Giro d'Italia · 4 hours ago

Giro stage shortened by 100 kilometers after riders protests

The start of today's Giro stage is a long time coming and now we know why.

After a protest from the riders, the organization decides to shorten the ride.

The riders do not like to cover 250 kilometers in the rain after yesterday's grueling stage.

The plan is now to take the bus to Milan, where the riders will start the stage.

Giro d'Italia · 4 hours ago

"It feels great to wear this pink jersey," said Wilco Kelderman prior to today's stage.

"It feels very special, the kit, the color ... It's beautiful. I can't show the full colors because of the rain, but I don't care. My dream to spin this jersey has already come true. . Whether it will be an exciting day today? None of the GC riders are interested in this stage. But it will be a long day with 250 kilometers and a lot of rain ahead. "

Giro d'Italia5 hours ago

Retrospect: 'Plan without help for Kelderman in Giro worked out well afterwards'

Giro d'Italia5 hours ago

The profile of today's 250 (!) Kilometer long Giro stage has virtually no vertical meters.

At 10.15 am the peloton - with Wilco Kelderman in the pink jersey - starts moving.

La etapa 19 del Giro de Italia 2020 será una jornada plana de nada más y nada menos que 253 kilómetros.

¿Será para la fuga o para sprinters?

Deja abajo tu favorito.

#Giro # Giro2020


Avatar Author Dany Pro Cycling Moment of places 10:00 - 23 October 2020

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