Chloe Dygert, 23, flew over the metal railing and pulled up a large wound on her left leg.

So now she has had surgery and the first reports are positive.

- With Chloe's determination, you know she'll be back before you know it.

Right now we want her to focus on getting well, says Jim Miller.

Dygert's coach Kristin Armstrong, three-time Olympic champion, believes that her adept will come back stronger.

- Chloe is a talented athlete.

She has crashed before and come back stronger.

I have no doubt that it will be like that again, she says.

Dygert, who won World Cup gold in 2019, has also spoken out on social media.

"I remember thinking 'if I get the bike, can I still win?'

Then I looked down and saw my leg.

Thank you for all the best.

I will be back ", she writes. 

CLIP: The world champion crashed hard in the lead

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The world champion crashed hard in the lead.

Photo: TT / SVT