Former president and CEO of Lokomotiv Ilya Gerkus won a lawsuit against the football club.

On Wednesday, the Moscow Arbitration Court denied the railroad workers in satisfying the claims.

"The court decides to refuse to satisfy the claims," ​​said the judge Vasily Laptev.

Recall that in January 2020, the red-greens filed a lawsuit, demanding to recover 144.6 million rubles from Herkus.

Club officials said the former president squandered the funds.

Most of this money - more than 130 million - went to the allegedly unjustified payments of bonuses both to the functionary himself and to other employees of Lokomotiv.

In addition, the club accused Herkus of allegedly unreasonable involvement of a third party in negotiations to terminate a contract with ex-sports director of Lokomotiv Igor Korneev, as well as in concluding an unreasonable deal with a consultant on obtaining Russian citizenship for a Serbian footballer Nemana Pejchinovic.

However, later, according to Herkus, the amount of claims was reduced by 10 million rubles.

Earlier, Herkus said that after he learned about the claims, he tried to contact his successor Vasily Kiknadze and other club employees to resolve the contradictions, but this was not done.

“Back in the summer, a letter from a certain Mr. Andreev came to my address in St. Petersburg - a document called“ Claim ”.

There were set out approximately the same points that were later in the claim, only the amount was slightly different.

To be honest, I doubted the authenticity of this document.

The man claimed that he had a power of attorney from Lokomotiv, but the power of attorney was not attached to the letter, ”the functionary added.

During the meeting on Wednesday, the representative of Lokomotiv stressed that the former president allegedly paid himself two bonuses for the championship in the 2017/18 RPL season.

“Orders can be opened.

So, more than 5 million rubles were paid "for the championship in the 2017/18 season."

A month later, another 5 million 40 thousand rubles were discharged “for achieving a result in the 2017/18 season”.

That is, premiums in the amount of 11 million were issued - for the championship and for achieving the result.

But is there no duplication?

After all, the achievement of the result is the championship, ”the Lokomotiv representative noted at the meeting.

However, the plaintiff's arguments did not convince the judge.

Nevertheless, Herkus himself believes that Lokomotiv will appeal against this decision.

The defense also believes that the plaintiff is deliberately delaying the process in order to hinder the development of Herkus's career.

“The lawsuit coincided with my submission of documents for the presidency of the RPL.

A direct obstacle to my career development.

Apparently, the plaintiff is trying to settle some scores with me.

There is a feeling that the plaintiff is now trying to rehabilitate himself for the results by which he is now being evaluated by the public, "Championship" Championship "quotes the ex-president of Lokomotiv.

The fact that representatives of Lokomotiv provide evidence at the last moment, thereby delaying the process, Herkus said earlier, after the June meeting.

“Unexpectedly for us, the plaintiff decided to change his training, perform better, and brought a bunch of papers that we did not identify.

We will dive into it.

Obviously, realizing how phantasmagoric their requirements are, they have now made another attempt to substantiate them better.

The form of this filing - at the last second, slipping right into the court - speaks of the plaintiff's lack of confidence in his righteousness.

They had a year to prepare this lawsuit, nevertheless, they decided to push it at the last moment, ”the functionary said.

He also said that during his departure from Lokomotiv at the end of 2018, the club did not have any complaints against him.

“They warmly said goodbye to me, saw me off - everything was quiet, calm.

I was paid six salaries.

They approved the reports, submitted everything to the tax office.

Then a year later, a paper appeared where a consultant was invented.

I don’t see any other sense, except for causing damage to my reputation, ”added Herkus.

The former head coach of Lokomotiv Yuri Semin, who returned to the team under Herkus, also commented on the court decision.

“The general director (Vasily Kiknadze - RT) should be held liable, who has not won a single court at all.

Lost to Dmitry Tarasov, lost here - why sue when you can just find a common language?

What punishment should he bear?

And this ask the leaders who are above him.

This trial is another blow to the image.

Not the image of Lokomotiv, the club has nothing to do with it.

Here are specific individuals.

This is a blow to their image.

And Lokomotiv, as it was a wonderful club, will always remain so, "RB-Sport quotes Semin.