China News Service, August 8th. The second round of the UEFA Champions League 1/8 final ushered in a focused match in the early morning. Premier League giants Manchester City played against La Liga giants Real Madrid at home. The defensive iron gate Vallane gave the Manchester City players a gift twice, and Real Madrid lost to the away game and reluctantly swallowed the bitter fruit of being double-killed by the opponent. Manchester City will compete with Lyon, who eliminated Juventus to advance, for a semifinal ticket.

Varane gives gifts with low-level mistakes. Network video screenshot

  Manchester City reversed their away win 2-1 in the first leg, allowing them to still have the advantage after returning to home. In the 9th minute, Varane took the ball and was intercepted by Jesus on the left side of the penalty area and then crossed it. Courtois lost ground. Sterling pushed forward from the penalty area into the net from under Militan.

Real Madrid equalized the score. Network video screenshot

  Real Madrid evened the score in the 28th minute. Rodrigo made a pass from the bottom to the right. Rodrigo capped and Benzema scored a powerful header in front of the small penalty area.

Varane made a mistake in the second half and then gave a big gift. Network video screenshot

  In the 68th minute, Manchester City once again exceeded the score. Varane made a header to clear the high-altitude ball. Then the header returned to goalkeeper Courtois's power again. It was directly intercepted by Jesus, who made a light shot. .

  Real Madrid have not been able to create more threats since then. In the end, Manchester City won 2:1 at home, and the total score of the two rounds was 4:2 to eliminate Real Madrid to advance to the top 8 of the Champions League. Waiting for them will be Lyon, the Ligue 1 powerhouse who captured Juventus on the same day. (Finish)