• Second, Elche's lawyer denounces suspicious movements to benefit Fuenlabrada

The Competition Committee has informed the clubs today that the match on the last day of the Smartbank League between Deportivo de La Coruña and Fuenlabrada will finally take place this Wednesday in A Coruña , in just 48 hours .

Almost a dozen players from the Madrid team returned to Madrid this weekend after being held in a hotel in the Galician city for several weeks , after testing positive for coronavirus just before playing the match. Eight of them have already trained at the club's facilities to prepare for the match and the coaches are waiting to see how many footballers they can count on.

As a result of the outbreak that arose in the club, which registered 28 cases among the squad, coaching staff and management , the Second Division teams, whose last day was held despite the news from Fuenlabrada, have fought in an eternal controversy over the way in which to solve the wrong, since Deportivo had mathematically dropped to Segunda B with the results of that day, and Fuenlabrada needed to play and tie or win in the duel to achieve a place in the Playoffs for promotion to the Santander League.

The Elche , sixth place now and for the promotion, has been the one who has fought for Laliga punish the Madrid club, who defends his right to play that game.

The Deportivo , meanwhile, has fought for the expansion of the Second Division to 24 teams , aware of the impossibility of repeating the last full day, the other object of desire, and knowing that they have nothing to fight this meeting against Fuenlabrada. In fact, several of its footballers are on vacation in the Balearic Islands on the Valencian coast, without going through the mandatory PCR controls prior to the dispute of the matches, and it remains to be seen what decision they will take before the celebration of the clash: present a team 'B' or not keep the appointment and lose automatically.

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