Christian Horner was not too disappointed on Sunday with the pit stop that Max Verstappen made in the final phase of the British Grand Prix. According to the team boss, there was no guarantee that the Red Bull Racing driver would have won otherwise.

Horner told Channel 4 that Verstappen had complained about the on-board radio about vibrations on the wheels. "We also saw blisters on the tires at Max," said the team boss.

In the last three laps of the more lean British Grand Prix, chaos ensued when leading Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas and also Carlos Sainz of McLaren suffered a flat left front tire. Silverstone with its many fast turns is very demanding for that tire.

For a long time, Verstappen drove lonely in third place, but Bottas was able to pass thanks to his flat tire. The Limburger then made the pit stop and then was 5.8 seconds short to also pass Hamilton. The leader in the World Cup position drove the last three-quarters round on three wheels.


A dramatic final minute at Silverstone, as @LewisHamilton and his Mercedes hold on for a famous victory! 😮 🏆 #BritishGP 🇬🇧 # F1

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Horner: 'Happiness smiles at Hamilton'

Verstappen made the extra pit stop to grab an extra World Cup point on his set of fresh tires with the fastest race lap. That worked, but probably also cost him the victory.

"We may have been unlucky," said Horner. "But we didn't have that guarantee that Max could have reached the end on his tires. He too might have got a flat tire."

Hamilton takes the lead in the World Cup position after his victory. The six-time world champion is 30 points ahead of Bottas and 36 over Verstappen. "Happiness is currently smiling at Lewis," Horner concluded.

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