Lokomotiv head coach Marco Nikolic praised his players for their dedication after defeating CSKA. He noted that the team managed to maintain a tight schedule of the last RPL rounds.

“Today was a very good game. Very interesting for the fans. I want to congratulate all my players on their victory. They tried very hard to win. Moreover, we are ending a series of intense games. Everything that was inside, they left on the field. I’m glad that we achieved such a hard victory because we left our hearts on the field, ”Nikolic said on the Match Premier broadcast.

At a press conference, the trainers' trainer added that he was not completely satisfied with the game of his wards. He also recalled that Lokomotiv has yet to compete for access to the Champions League group.

“There were moments in the match that I didn’t really like, but the main thing is that the guys left their hearts on the field, showed emotions, fought for every ball. If we play like we do today, then we cannot finally score and win. For us, this is a lesson - so you need to invest in every match. We achieved one goal - in any case, we will play in the selection for the Champions League. But we do not want to play in the selection, we want to immediately get into the group. We have one match left to achieve the final goal, and with Ural, we will have complete concentration, ”Sport Express quotes Nikolic as saying.

The trainer also noted that he was pleased to extend the contract with Jefferson Farfan, which was previously reported in the media. Commenting on Eder’s injury received in the match, Nikolic found it difficult to call her seriousness.

CSKA mentor Viktor Goncharenko was of the opinion that his team was more worthy of victory. He also explained why, up to the compensated time of the second half, he made only one substitution.

“We looked good today. It is necessary to thank the team - did not give up, tried to control the game. Were closer to victory. The most important thing is that in recent matches we have learned how to prevent an opponent’s counterattack. Today they did not allow Lokomotiv to turn around, but it happens: you play better, but you lose. Based on how the game developed, how our players moved, the situation did not dictate that replacements were necessary, otherwise it would be possible to upset the balance in the center of the field. Probably, this decision was correct, ”- quotes the words of Goncharenko“ Championship ”.

The Belarusian coach also recalled that a penalty has been awarded too often against his team lately. However, Goncharenko did not criticize the judges for their decisions.

“Three consecutive penalties in our goal over the last two matches?” Yes, there is more. Even in Rostov - two, in Krasnodar - one, in Sochi - one. I’ve already lost count of how many penalties we put in our goal. And now they are already shooting a doublet - two penalties for the game. Do I have questions for the judges? What questions? The match is over, two penalties in our goal, the protocol will be signed, ”Goncharenko said.

The results of the match were also commented on by the chairman of the board of directors of Lokomotiv Anatoly Meshcheryakov. He admitted that the “railroad” was more fortunate than CSKA, but he called both penalties against Igor Akinfeev fair.

“The task was to go to Europe, if very honestly. No one has removed the task, it is yet to come, points are considered after 30 rounds. Castling has justified itself or not, I will not say. Many thanks to Yuri Pavlovich (Semin. - RT ). Perhaps today we are more fortunate than CSKA, but the penalties were clean. I am not an expert, but the people sitting with me said that it was a penalty. I call all football after the break “coronavirus football”. At home we play harder than away. On the other hand, we have seven matches and not a single loss. There are some stories where we were rather unlucky, ”Meshcheryakov said.

Dmitry Barinov played for Lokomotiv for the first time in four matches. He said that the game with CSKA was difficult for him, and also told how the team had changed under Nikolic.

"That was not easy. The first half seemed to work out, but in the second they got hooked. But we still scored three points and continue to fight for a direct ticket to the Champions League. Probably nothing has changed in the team. A little more began to control the ball. And perhaps more aggression. The new coach immediately said that he would not change anything, because there was little time. We were not worried. We watched the matches of both Krasnodar and CSKA. They also lost points. We were probably luckier. Today, God has paid us for the last matches, ”said Barinov.

The author of the only goal in CSKA Nikola Vlašić complained about the decisions of the referees made after using the VAR. He also noted that he was not happy with the award for the best player of the match.

“It was very difficult for us, because in the last two matches we were scored three times from the penalty spot. If there had been no VAR, the referee would not have seen a hand game, one hundred percent. It is very sad that it happened. The title of the best player of the match? Since we lost, it does not matter to me, ”said the Croatian midfielder.