Lotte Jackson pitcher's contract cancellation Request from the person July 9 21:31

Lotte, a professional baseball player, announced that it has canceled the contract with relief pitcher Jay Jackson, who joined this season. It means that the person requested to cancel.

Jackson has played in Hiroshima for three years from 2016 to Otoshito and contributed to the league's third consecutive title.After belonging to the major league brewers last season, he joined Lotte this season for the first time in two years. I have returned to professional baseball in Japan.

So far this season, I have been mainly given the winning pattern eight times, pitching seven games, holding three holds, one save, and the ERA was 3.86.

Although pitcher Jackson had pitched in the Seibu battle on the 7th, he was out of the registration list for the 1st army on the 8th. According to Lotte, Jackson pitcher himself requested to cancel the contract by the 8th and accepted it on the 9th.

Lotte Director Matsuki Naoki Matsumoto of the baseball team says, "I can't explain it in detail at this point. I will explain it again properly. The request from the person was accepted, so I received it." It was

In addition, Shigenori Iguchi said, “I'm afraid I'm a pitcher, so I'm sorry, but I don't know the details because I heard only poor conditioning. I was a pitcher who gave eight times, but other pitchers saw it as an opportunity. I want you to do that."