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It must be difficult for Real Madrid players to get used to jumping into a game in silence. Or to do so only with the shy applause that three Di Stéfano ball boys gave them last night. Even the pioneers of the club, at the beginning of the last century, would not thus enter those former fields where football began to roll in the capital. Elegant, the ball boys did the same when Mallorca appeared.

Nobody could have imagined a few months ago that the Whites were going to be playing the league title and that their best fan, the loudest in the whole stadium, would be Marcelo . On the bench yesterday, the winger tried to wrap his clothes between "come on, kids" and the more succinct "vaaaa". [Narration and statistics]

Their voices did not cover the Mallorca choir , especially after the play that put the box of Zinedine Zidane ahead . With the hangover still of the white victory in Anoeta, with three actions as adjusted to the regulations as they are prone to football salsa, came the controversial goal of Vinicius.

The Brazilian feared that his good definition against the Mallorcan goal, the best visitor in the first half, would be ruined. Two good stops at the start left the Balearic team alive, brave when it comes to pressing and looking for the Courtois area. Back, yes, they paid such ambitions. But better to return to the moviola 1-0 .

Piqué and anyone who believes that Madrid have been favoring the referees all their lives - two Leagues have won in 11 years - would surely be missing in Carvajal's impetuous recovery, colliding hard shoulder to shoulder with Dani Rodríguez. At the moment Modric was attending the gap with class for the auction of Vinicius over the goalkeeper.

The others, those who do not buy the white conspiracy , would interpret the cast as a hard but legal burden, where the lateral was imposed by muscles. All Mallorca protested insistently, but the VAR, in the hands of Iglesias Villanueva, again agreed with the referee, who did not need or go to the screens, like Estrada Fernández in Anoeta. A gesture by Melero López that -it is very easy to guess- will also generate controversy today and tertuliana in the Barça dressing room, second place now.

Visiting protests

The referee calmly sent the Mallorca bench with a yellow card. But his night government also required orders from Sergio Ramos himself, captain and white spokesman on the pitch. "It will be necessary to whistle the same for some and for others, right?" He demanded in the second part after an ugly kick to Hazard , who jumps to his feet for a performance.

The most forward defender in the history of the League, who had been warned at first for an entry into the midfield, instantly changed the complaints about the telescopic sight. The lack goal was missing in his recent collection, despite taking time looking for it. Since Cristiano Ronaldo's departure , many have been ordered without aim.

Last night he appropriated it again before Bale, to whom a few seconds later, in celebration, he embraced him with special affection, by way of thanks. It is the third direct release that nailed in his career, the first since 2012. There are 120 goals already in his career, a lot for a central defender.

Florentino Pérez , in the box, raised his thumb after Ramos placed the ball in the square. In the afternoon, the president had inaugurated a bust in tribute to Ferenc Puskas in Valdebebas . It would not be surprising that in the future any of his successors will do the same with one of the inexhaustible captain. "Don't make movies. There is noise because we are leaders. It seems that we have to thank the referees, "said the Andalusian at the end.

"It was a foul," said Dani Rodríguez of the most controversial move of the match.

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