, June 2nd, in the early morning of Beijing time on the 2nd, the Bundesliga's 29th round ended the last match. Leipzig RB beat Cologne 4:2 away. Among them, Werner, Hick, Nkunku and Olmo all gained something in the game. After this campaign, Leipzig ranked third, with a 9-point difference from the top ranked Bayern.

Before halftime, Leipzig overtake the score in one fell swoop. Network video screenshot

  Seven minutes after the start of the game, Cologne opened the record. Cordova shot into the net with his left foot at 9 meters in front of the goal. Leipzig tied in the 20th minute, Angelino made a cross from the left and Hick scored a header from the front of the penalty area. In the 38th minute, Leipzig overtook the score, Lemmer made a pass, and Nkunku's penalty kick was successful.

Werner made a difference. Network video screenshot

  Five minutes into the second half, the goalkeeper Gurachi opened his feet, Werner formed a single-handed, and advanced to the lower right corner 12 meters in front of the door. It is worth mentioning that this is his 15th Bundesliga away goal this season, second only to Heinkes in the 1973-74 season (17 goals away from the Bundesliga).

Leipzig put the match at 4:2. Network video screenshot

  Cologne regained a goal in the 55th minute. Modest broke the ball from the top of the penalty area and smashed the defender into the lower right corner. However, after only 2 minutes, the Leipzig corner was pushed out and Olmo pushed the edge of the penalty area to the lower right corner. Leipzig locked the victory with a big score of 4:2. (Finish)