“I am now torn between Brian Orser and Eteri Tutberidze. Both trainers have very strong sides, I would like to learn their inner secrets, see the work scheme ... Probably, after all, I would like to see Tutberidze's work most of all in the world. It seems that Orser has more freedom in the actions of an athlete, and Tutberidze has more clarity and discipline. And her circuit works great - the best in the world. You can’t judge her work in any case, ”quoted Gazeta.ru as saying.

Under the leadership of Tutberidze, the Olympic champion Alina Zagitova, the winner of the Grand Prix finals Alyona Kostornaya and the gold medalist of the Russian championship Anna Shcherbakova train.

Earlier, Kovtun expressed the opinion that after quarantine, many skaters will end their careers.