No change to the 13th class unofficial player of the Judo Tokyo Olympics May 15 19:08

Regarding the selection of the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the All Japan Judo Federation will not change the 13th class athletes who have already been nominated as representatives at the Executive Committee held on the 15th. I decided.

In the judo of the Tokyo Olympics, will the unofficial offer be maintained after the fact that a representative unofficial player has been decided by the 13th class by February this year, and the postponement of the Olympics will be postponed for one year after that? Or was there a focus on whether or not to select again.

Zenjuren 15 days, a result of the discussion to open the strengthening Committee and the Executive Council in the online, as can not be a new selection in the current situation that does not stand the prospect of the tournament, already that you do not change the players have been appointed as representative Was unanimously decided.

On the other hand, for the 66 kg men's class, where Shiro Maruyama Shiro and Aizo Abe have been fiercely competing for the national team, this year's postponement of the All Japan Selection Weight Championship will be postponed from April. With that in mind, if it was difficult to hold the event, we decided to have a policy of holding an individual selection match between two players.

Also, for the male director Yasuo Inoue, whose term of office for two terms and eight years will expire at the end of September, we have decided to extend the term until the end of September next year.

"There was an opinion that we should re-select at the beginning of the postponement of the Olympic Games," said Soya Nakazato, Senior Managing Director of the All Judo Union, but in the current situation where the International Judo Federation has not contacted the tournament schedule, re-selection is not possible. It is the shortest way to win a medal if we go through the process up to now with the selected players. "

Zenjuren will formally make a resolution in a written board of directors to retain unofficial players.

Background and background regarding the treatment of unofficial offers

The debate over the unofficial treatment of representatives of Japanese arts and judo, who are expected to win multiple gold medals, was decided to hold the unofficial decision one month after the decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympics for one year. .

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics was decided in late March. The multiple competitions for which informal athletes had already been decided, such as table tennis and track and field marathons, showed the policy of maintaining the representative job offer one after another, and the All Japan Judo Federation maintained its attitude of careful discussion.

The day after the postponement of the Olympics was decided, Japanese national team coach Yasuo Inoue said, `` I can't take a long time, but it's good for the athletes and the judo world to have a thorough discussion and decide, '' he said while caring for the unofficial player. did.

On the other hand, some of the athletes said that the selection process was unfair and that they wanted to focus on winning the Olympics rather than the selection process.

Behind the cautious attitude of the JUREN was the selection criteria unique to Japan Judo, which requires the acquisition of multiple gold medals.

According to the internal rules of the strengthening system that shows the selection criteria, Article 1 states that "training, strengthening, and selecting players who aim for gold medals in the world will be selected". In particular, we attach great importance to the results of the previous year's world championships in the Olympics, and by February, we have decided on a representative unofficial player for 13 of 14 individual classes.

However, there was debate over whether the athlete who got a job offer for aiming for a gold medal at the Olympics, which was held this year, could be said to be suitable for the Japan national team at the tournament one year later.

In the discussion last month with the representatives of the Japanese national team, there was a large number of opinions that "the unofficial offer should be maintained", while a person concerned with the strengthening committee said, "After giving an advantage to the current unofficial decision, It should be re-selected considering the results of the international competition until next year. "

Against this backdrop, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus at the office of the JUREN, the Executive Committee, which was to be held last month, was postponed for about a month.

During this period, JENJU has been paying close attention to the policy of IJF = International Judo Federation, but the spread of infection has not stopped and the international competition has been decided to be canceled by at least the end of June.

In the end, in the current situation where the prospect of the resumption of international convention that has been most important when a representative selection is not cut off, it was decided to maintain the nomination of representative players on the grounds that a new representative selection is difficult.