Lotte Aki Sasaki “What You Can Do Now” Message for Children's Day May 5 19:26


Loki, the No. 1 draft rookie of professional baseball / Lotte, pitcher Aki Sasaki gives a video message to children who are spending more time at home because of the new coronavirus, "Let's find what we can do now and work on it" Sent.

Lotte regularly publishes videos of Sasaki pitchers demonstrating core training and stretching on internet video sites to encourage children to move their bodies at home.

On the 5th of Children's Day, a video was introduced to introduce stretching around the waist.

In this, pitcher Sasaki sent a message to children all over the country, saying, "I'm having a hard time playing and not going to school as I expected, but it's tough, but let's find what we can do now and work on it."

Also, when I was in elementary school, I looked back on that "I was very shy, but I was thrown normally even in front of a lot of people only during baseball," and about how to overcome tension, "I think others are better than I thought. I haven't seen that, so I think it should be done without much concern. "

Sasaki said he was working hard on strength training in the dormitory while the government's declaration of an emergency continued and he had limited practice time at the stadium, and his weight increased by 7 kg compared to last summer to 92 kg. is.

It also means that you have read books about muscle and body structure to incorporate knowledge that will be useful for training.