Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee Meeting with IOC to reduce the number of days to implement by video conference April 10 21:06

With the spread of the new coronavirus continuing, the Tokyo Organizing Committee and IOC = International Olympic Committee will reduce the number of meetings held in Tokyo next week after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have been postponed to the next year. We switched to video conferencing and will exchange opinions on securing venues and competition schedules.

The Tokyo Games have been postponed to the next year due to the effects of the new coronavirus, the Olympics will open on July 23 next year, and the Paralympics will open on August 24 next year.

Secretary-General Muto of the Organizing Committee responded online on Tuesday evening to the media, saying that he would like to prevent infection from spreading and keep the preparations for the tournament three days starting this month on the 15th. The meeting was reduced to just one day on the 16th, and it was revealed that the meeting would be changed to a video conferencing system that was restricted to executives.

At the meeting, we will exchange opinions on securing facilities such as competition venues and athletes' villages, and the policy to make the competition schedule the same as Kotoshi's plan.

Also, the arrival of IOC President Bach, who was scheduled to visit Hiroshima in conjunction with the Torch Relay in the middle of next month, has been postponed.

On the other hand, Secretary-General Muto asked whether it was necessary to anticipate further postponement or cancellation of the event as the end of the new coronavirus could not be foreseen. We have decided to postpone the year, and it is our position to prepare for it, "he said.