Cubs enters Darvish camp February 13 9:47 show confidence for new season

Major League Cubs pitcher Darvish entered a camp in Arizona on Tuesday, saying, `` The breaking ball hasn't changed, it's getting better straight and I'm looking forward to it, '' compared to last year's strong season. I showed my confidence for the season.

The third year of Cubs, Darvish pitcher went to camp in Mesa, Arizona on the 12th and practiced catching for 15 minutes in pitching practice after warming up.

In the second half of the catch ball, Darvish pitcher throws a changing ball such as a cut ball in addition to a fastball at a distance of about 20 meters and throws carefully while being aware of the rotation of the ball.

In the defensive practice, the team confirmed the basic movements, such as playing with the entrants and cooperating with infielders, and completed the practice on the first day of the camp.

Darvish said of the new season, "I want to do my best again a year, as always, without any injuries."

In the latter half of last season, stable pitching continued with an ERA of two points and this season's expectation of continued activity was described as "the control and the sharpness of the changing ball have not changed at all, and the part that is improving straight I'm looking forward to it. "

Darvish pitcher has already made four pitches with a bullpen in his previous voluntary training, and his adjustment is going well.