As you have just seen, Park Hang-seo always hugs the players warmly after the game. Park hang-seo continues to build a new history of football in Vietnam, wrapping his players and encouraging their confidence like a loving father.

This is Lee Jung-chan.


In the second half of the 32-minute victory, Park was fiercely angry and dismissed after the referee's whistle blew his whistle.

The situation, described by the Vietnamese press as "fighting like a chicken to protect the young," has prompted the players to focus on it.

Park kept his promise to win in 60 years at the expense of himself.

[Park Hang-seo / Vietnam soccer team manager: The honor of this championship is appreciated to our Vietnamese people who love football, Vietnamese football association and Vietnamese professional team.]

Park wrote a new history for each of his two years in the Southeast Asian Championship, the Asian Games and the Asian Cup. The coach is called his father, Papa, who massages his feet, gives concessions to a player who has injured the airplane business, and warmly hugs him by resting the players first and preparing the bench.

This 'Papa Leadership' exploded the potential of the players.

[Park Hang-seo / Vietnam soccer team manager (last December): I have a strong pride but lacked confidence. I think they are very proud and lovely players.]

Awakening the 'Vietnam spirit' who does not give up to the end, Park Hang-seo prepares a new challenge.

I will enter the country on the 14th and set up an all-out training camp in Tongyeong and aim for the first qualifying event in the Olympic finals next month.

(Video Editing: Woo Ki Jung)

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