- It has come three meters of snow in just a few days and then it has been followed by bad weather with a lot of wind. The avalanche risk has been 5 out of 5 so the organizers haven't even been able to get up on the mountain to make the runway. This morning we received an e-mail that it is not possible to get it together, says federation captain Niklas Eriksson to SVT Sport.

Now it will take a long time for the next sloop style competition, which will be decided in Font Romeu in France only January 9-11

Freestyle skiing with, among others, Oscar Wester and Jesper Tjäder will return to Sweden tomorrow while Henrik Harlaut stays in Austria.

- Yes, I stay here for a few days and then go home to Andorra, where I live. I'm charging there for the Beijing World Cup in December, says Harlaut.

It's not that long until Big Air becomes the World Cup program. Soon, Big Air is waiting in the Bird's Nest in Beijing, December 13-14 and later in the United States on December 21.