Prime Minister of Korea visits Japan for an ceremonial ceremonial visit to seek clues to improve relations on October 22 at 6:54

South Korea's Prime Minister Lee Na Kyung will visit Japan on a 22-day to 3-day schedule to attend the ceremony in which the Emperor declares the throne. The Moon Jae-in administration wants to get a clue to improve relations between Japan and South Korea by dispatching “No.

Prime Minister Lee arrives at Haneda Airport on the morning of the 22nd with a government-only machine, and in the afternoon, the Emperor will attend the “Imperial Religion Ceremony”, where the imperialism is declared inside and outside.

Prime Minister Lee stayed for three days, exchanged opinions with key Japanese political and business circles, talked with university students in Tokyo, and helped those who fell on the track at Shin-Okubo Station on the JR Yamanote Line in 2001 I am going to make memorial for a Korean student who was killed by the train.

In particular, in a meeting with Prime Minister Abe, which was coordinated on the 24th, we decided to convey President Mun ’s message to break through the current situation, and there is a possibility that the parent will be handed over.

The Mun administration wants to get clues to improve Japan-Korea relations by dispatching “No. 2” Prime Minister Lee of “Chinese day” in line with the “Imperial Reishon” ceremony for the first time in 29 years. So, there seems to be a desire to capture the opportunity of an international conference scheduled for next month and to hold a Japan-Korea summit meeting that has not been held for more than a year.