"Teachers are also on holiday during summer vacation" Reform of work style for teachers Decision on October 18 10:37

In order to promote work style reforms for teachers at public schools, the government will be able to implement a system that adjusts working hours on a yearly basis, such as taking a group of holidays during the summer vacation, at a cabinet meeting on the 18th. Decided to amend the law.

In order to promote work style reforms at public schools, the revised proposal will adjust the working hours in units of one year, such as taking a set of holidays during the summer vacation period, in order to ensure teachers' holidays. It is included to be able to carry out "system" by the regulations.

In addition, to correct long hours of work by teachers, the upper limit of overtime hours is 45 hours a month,
▽ In order to further improve the effectiveness of the guidelines for 360 hours a year, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will set forth and publish guidelines.

The government intends to submit the amendment proposal to the current parliament and establish it.