Best 8 Advancement "Sakura Jersey" The voice of joy from the fabric manufacturer Oct. 14 11:56

In response to Japan's decision to advance to the first 8 in the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, there is a voice of joy from the fabric manufacturer in Fukui City who worked on Japan's representative uniform, the so-called “Sakura Jersey”.

In the Rugby World Cup, Japan won the first 8 best in the night on the 13th, overcoming Scotland.

The uniforms worn by forward players from Japan represent fabrics jointly developed by a fabric manufacturer in Fukui City and a sports manufacturer in Tokyo.

In developing the fabric, in addition to a special knitting method called `` warp knitting '', by incorporating high-strength polyester yarn, the strength is increased compared to the uniform used in the previous tournament, and weight reduction is also achieved. It was a success.

President Yoshihide Takagi of “Fukui Keisho Kogyo”, a fabric maker, said, “I'm glad to see the achievement because I think it ’s also the world cup for the textile industry that worked on uniforms. It was.