North Korea kindergarten and other free of charge rebounded to "not eligible for Korean schools" August 21 6:52

A spokesman for the Friendship and Friendship Association in North Korea said that Korean schools were excluded from the system because it was free of charge for kindergartens and authorized nurseries where children aged 3 to 5 go. On a day and night, we announced a discourse saying “Unfair discrimination”.

In Japan, there will be a system in which usage fees for kindergartens and licensed nurseries for children aged 3 to 5 are uniformly free of charge, starting in October, but “schools” including Korean schools are not eligible. It has become.

In this regard, a spokesperson for North Korea's Asahi Friendship Friendship Association announced a talk on the night of the 20th and criticized it as `` unfair discrimination '' about the exclusion of Korean schools where many Koreans in Japan were excluded. did.

On that basis, “If the Abe administration continues to recklessly act against the Korean General Federation = The Korean Federation in Japan and the Koreans in Japan, we cannot escape from the stigma of political immaturity forever. “It ’s a self-destructive action that drives the worst situation that cannot be reversed.”

North Korea criticized Prime Minister Abe, who is aiming for dialogue with the chairman of the Korean Labor Party without any preconditions, and seeks an apology and compensation for colonial rule.