“If you wake up, you ’ll be treated as a criminal.” Why August 19 21:32

“If you wake up, you are surprised to be treated as a criminal, but it is completely different from the fact.”
This is a word written on SNS by a woman who was mistaken for a suspected woman and exposed her name on the internet in an accidental driving incident on an expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture.
But the exact same thing happened to this time.
(Network Press Dept. Reporter Yoko Idegami Ken Meida / Kitakyushu Broadcasting Station reporter Kenta Serizawa)

Is “Garakei Woman” me?

The woman noticed something unusual on the morning of the 17th.

A friend contacted me that I was treated as a criminal on the internet.

When I looked at my Facebook and Instagram without being able to understand well, there were many words that criticized me.

This writing has swallowed things.

On October 10th, on the Joban Expressway in Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture, I suspected that he had been suspected to have suspected Mr. Fumio Miyazaki (43) and Miyazaki suspected that he had injured a man by driving a car and injured a man. In this case, Natsuko Kimoto (51), who was in a car driven by a car, was arrested.

While the video of Sugimoto suspected that the victims were assaulted before the two were arrested and the situation of shooting them on a mobile phone spread, Names, photos, and the name of the company that represented them were exposed.

So I wrote the comment at the beginning.

In addition, there were incoming calls one after another from numbers that we did not know on the company's phone, which became an obstacle to our business.

A female friend introduced me to a lawyer who was familiar with Internet-related cases.

When to make a statement

The consultant was Kazuhito Ozawa.

At first, Ozawa, who has worked on numerous requests, such as deleting the slander on the bulletin board on the Internet and identifying the caller, was time to issue a statement to correct the incorrect information.

“Even if you say the right argument when you are overheated, it will be spilled on the net. But there will be more and more calm voices saying“ Women are different. ”Wait until the tide changes and give correct information. “It ’s effective,” says Ozawa.

We decided to find the most effective timing while watching the reaction on the net.

Why was it wrong?

But why was it mistaken for a stranger?

Mr. Ozawa analyzes the direct cause of a woman's mistake.

▽ Miyazaki suspect who is not acquainted with follow female Instagram account

▽ The hat, sunglasses, and clothes that Kimoto wore were similar to what she wore in her own photo published on SNS.

Now is the time to make a statement

In the meantime, changes have appeared in net writing.

In response to the fact that a woman posted to SNS saying "It is different from the fact," some people began to doubt their previous writings.

"Now it's time to make a statement"

Ozawa decided that it was time to make a statement.

A statement was posted on the homepage of a company represented by a woman in the middle of the night when it was about to change on the 18th.

There is a fact that there is no root in it, and “not only posting an article but also quoting and spreading it may be an act of infringing honor. We are considering taking legal action.” It is clearly stated.

After this, lies and articles that were cited were gradually deleted.

“The current trend of publishing on the internet as a suspect in a criminal case of high social interest on a very weak basis and irrelevant people suffering a huge disadvantage is very dangerous. "The people who followed it and spread it easily were illegal, so please take it seriously."

Fortunately ...

“I intend to appeal to the media through media coverage so that there are no victims like me, but it is a shock that this happened again.”

This is what happened to a man who suffered a lie written on the net in a similar case of driving.

Ototoshi In June, a wagon car crashed into a truck on the Tomei Expressway in Kanagawa Prefecture, resulting in the death and injury of four family members.
Defendant Kazuho Ishibashi (27) in Naka City, Fukuoka Prefecture has been charged with crimes such as dangerous driving, lethal injury, etc. for causing accidents by carrying out “driving” until just before.

About this accident,
▽ Because the last name of the man who did "Aori driving" was "Ishibashi" and ▽ The company was located in Yahata Nishi Ward, Kitakyushu City, close to the middle city,
Ishibashi Construction Industry, run by President Hidefumi Ishibashi, wrote a lie on the Internet saying "I am a man's place of work."

According to Ishibashi President of Ishibashi Construction Industry, after the writing, more than 100 harassment calls were made every day, and the company was forced to take a day off.

Difficulties in victim relief

When I interviewed the incident after this incident, I have to feel the difficulty of victim relief in these cases.

In March of last year, President Ishibashi was charged with criminal charges on suspicion of defamation, and then police sent 11 documents for writing.

The eleven were all suspected of police investigations, but the prosecution accused all 11 of them of "just copying another post and posting again".

President Ishibashi said that he could not forgive because he was not charged. In March, 880 out of the 11 people who were sent out of the documents, excluding 3 people who had a talk, 880 An action was filed for compensation of 10,000 yen.

And in a trial held in June, eight people admitted that they wrote, but five of them demanded to dismiss the complaint because there was no causal relationship with defamation.

On the other hand, the three recognized the president's appeal and expressed their intention to settle, and so far they have settled with the two.

"I can't allow you to write anything you like because it's anonymous, and I want you to send it responsibly, such as checking if it's true" (President Ishibashi)

Just like 10 years ago ...

Finally, I asked this person.

About 10 years after a murder, Smiley Kikuchi is a comedy talent who has had a lie on the net as a member of the criminal group.

Smiley said about this case `` I think that the person who arbitrarily decides that he is related to the criminal and writes personal information on the net and protests at the workplace is not much different from the man of driving because of its aggressiveness and irresponsibility "Strictly pointed out.

And “I think the first person to give information feels the joy of spreading. I think it is a kind of approval desire. And many people want to share anger. If it is retweeted 10 times, it ’s no longer true even in hoaxes, ”he says.

Lie writing and spreading repeated on the net.

Smiley Kikuchi warns you on Twitter: