Pro Baseball Seibu Leader, Difference with Softbank “4” on August 17 at 23:32

The result of professional baseball on the 17th. Seibu, who finished 2nd in the Pacific League, defeated the top and Softbank and narrowed the game gap to “4”.

Pacific League

Softbank vs. Seibu won Seibu 13-8.
The second place Seibu overcame the top and Softbank and reduced the game difference to “4”. Seibu scored 9 points in two rounds of batter, including Yamakawa ’s first-timer, Genda ’s two-point timely two-base, and Kuriyama ’s three-run. In this match, Seibu won 13 points with 13 hits, and pitcher Mitsunari Takahashi threw 8 halfway through and lost 9 points, giving him the 9th win.
In Softbank, pitcher Chiga threw three times and collapsed with his worst 9 goals.

Nippon Ham vs. Rakuten won 6: 1 against Nippon Ham. Nippon Ham once preempted with Kiyomiya's sacrificial fly, and in the third, Kondo's timely and Wang's two-point timely added three points. Arihara pitched 7 times with 2 hits and 1 goal, giving the 12th win, the highest number in the league. Nippon Ham stopped the consecutive defeat at "9". Rakuten did not shake with two hits.

Orix vs Lotte won Orix 6-0. ORIX preliminarily played with Romero's timely two-base, once in a second, and three more points, including Masao Yoshida's timely three-base.
The pitcher took a few wins and gave his third professional win with the first professional finish. Orix has won three consecutive wins. In Lotte, pitcher Futaki collapsed five times with five runs.

Se League

Giant vs. Hanshin won the giant 4-2.
The giant once hit the first solo home run of No. 32, where Hayato Sakamoto was the most, and added 7 points in 7 times, including Abe's timely.
The starting pitcher Takahashi gave the fifth victory with two hits, no hit points.
The giant wins three consecutive victories. Hanshin counterattacked in the home run of Hokuto and Fukudome on the 8th, but did not reach.

DeNA vs. Hiroshima won 8 vs. 3 DeNA.
DeNA advanced three points at a time in a timely manner for Toshiba and Hosokawa. In addition, Tsutsuka player expanded the lead by hitting No. 24 Touran, which is a total of 200 No. 2, and No. 25 solo in the 8th. Pitcher Ishida won the third win with 6 runs without any key points. DeNA stopped the losing streak at “5” and returned to second place in a day. Hiroshima took 3 points in the home run on the 8th and 9th, but the counterattack was delayed.

Yakult vs. Sino-Japan won Yakult 7-5.
Yakult won Murakami's solo No. 27 solo in the 4th, 4th, 4th, 6th, Murakami ’s 2nd consecutive 28th solo, and 8 more in Yuhei ’s home run. It was. The pitcher relayed seven players and the second star pitcher won the first victory of the season. On Sino-Japan, Yanagi pitched six times and enjoyed fifth loss with six runs.