Secretary of the Secretariat Korea's preferential treatment exemption for Japan

Regarding the announcement of South Korea's policy to exclude Japan from preferential countries for export control, Secretary Secretary Jun has pointed out that details of the grounds and reasons have not been made clear, including the impact on Japanese companies, including the Japanese government. Expressed his refusal to express his view.

The Korean government announced a policy to exclude Japan from export control preferential countries this month.

Regarding this, Secretary of Secretary Jun said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, “The details of the grounds and reasons for South Korea's measures have not been made clear. He expressed his refusal to express his views as the Japanese government, including its impact on Japanese companies.

On the other hand, regarding the continued suspension of flights from South Korea to Japan against the backdrop of the worsening of Japan-Korea relations, “We know that certain companies have announced a certain number of reductions, but China and Southeast Asia The number of flights to Japan continues to increase.

In addition, overcoming the impact of worsening relations between Japan and Korea, he stressed the idea of ​​achieving the goal of increasing the number of foreign tourists to 40 million next year.