In Real Madrid they watch at a distance the movements of Barcelona and Neymar , aimed, it seems, to end together again. Yesterday's meeting in Paris strengthens the white club in its position from days ago, when it began to see its name involved in the most morbid soap opera of the summer. In the Bernabéu they quickly sensed that they were being used by the PSG and the environment of the striker to pressure Barça, the only shield that has shown real interest in an operation that could be around 500 million , between the transfer and the future salary.

Neymar has been offered during the summer to Real Madrid, as well as to most of the great teams in Europe. However, the white club ensures that at no time have they made any offer to the PSG, at least so far.

The 10 was always a card coveted by the Madrid high command. Followed closely since he was a youth, he visited Valdebebas, his hiring was spun and he even had medical exams, but the tangled financial engineering proposed by the Neymar family aborted the hiring at the last moment. Florentino Pérez broke the brake, seeing dangerous fringes. Yes Barça accepted that formula, ending it in court. A major mess that cost Sandro Rosell the presidency, nothing more and nothing less. Neymar is now on fire again, but Madrid has decided not to jump for him. It is described as a "high-risk signing", especially at the price that the PSG continues to demand (around 200 million).

They remember in the white club that the Brazilian has been devalued and that amount is not worth it. They know what they are talking about, after recently discarding almost comic propositions by depreciated stars like Gareth Bale or James Rodríguez . In addition, some surveys conducted among the social mass reflect rejection of a player involved in more controversy than goals since he set foot in Paris. Even so, in Madrid the debate over Neymar is alive, among detractors and defenders, who, above the noise, continue to see a vertical footballer, a franchise, of those who intimidate the rival, such as Cristiano, as Messi, as Mbappé. Are there any options that end in Chamartín? Yes, but under several premises, perhaps too many: that PSG and Barça do not reach an agreement, that the price falls and that, by the end of the market, whites make cash with some more sale.

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