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One shot on target and a nose broken in blood: how Chalov spent the match with Sochi after a failed transfer to England


CSKA striker Fyodor Chalov in the first match after a failed transfer to Crystal Palace failed to score effective actions, and the army team failed to print out the gates of the newcomer to the Premier League - Sochi. For the whole game, the best scorer of the last season of the RPL struck just one shot on target and got an elbow in the face from the defender of the guests Ivan Miladinovich. From the stands, this confrontation was watched by the head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov, who recently stated that Artyom Dziuba looks stronger than Chalov in the game.

The failed transfer to England and the answer for Dziuba

Last week turned out to be incredibly intense for one of the most promising Russian football players Fyodor Chalov. Almost the whole summer there were rumors about the interest in the striker from a particular European club, but in the end he almost switched to the English Crystal Palace.

Moreover, the interest of the team from Misty Albion was quite serious, as confirmed by forward agents. However, CSKA refused to sell its pupil for an impressive amount of € 25 million.

“Fedor is one of the most striking football players in Europe, and the increased interest in him is completely justified, especially from one of the Premier League clubs, which made a significant offer, but CSKA refused to sell the football player,” says Chalov’s agent Christian Emile .

“The position of the army is completely clear: they have serious goals, and Fedor is the most important player for the team. We will follow the development of events and are sure that in any case, Fedor has a great future, ”added the forward agent.

No less discussion was caused by the statement of the head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov that Artyom Dziuba in the game so far looks stronger than Chalov. After that, the journalists and specialists had a natural desire to compare the game of two attackers in the fifth round of the RPL.

Artyom on Saturday proved to be the best: he scored the 105th goal in the national championships and gave the assist. On Sunday, his duel with Sochi was to be held for the best RPL scorer of the 2018/19 season.

A difficult fight with the defenders and lack of moments

The match with the newcomer of the RPL was not very successful for Chalov. He was not very noticeable and had practically no dangerous moments. This is largely due to the close guardianship of the defenders of Ivan Novoseltsev and Ivan Miladinovich. And although Fedor knows how to wage a fight and competently sets up a corps, he still does not have the growth of Dziuba.

True, in the first minutes the striker was still in the spotlight. He habitually actively engaged in pressure, preventing the defenders of the opponent from starting attacks and, moreover, regularly led the game and prompted Nicola Vlašić and other partners. A couple of times pressure from the forward almost led to unpleasant consequences for the guests.

In the 15th minute, Chalov coolly threw the ball to the head of Vlašić with his head, then he opened in the penalty area and executed a cross on Ragnar Sigurdsson, but the Icelander did not have enough to close it. And soon Fedor struck his own, as it turned out, the only shot on target per game. From an acute angle, the young footballer shot into the hands of Soslan Dzhanaev.

Finally, I remember one more competent discount performed by Chalov, after which Konstantin Kuchaev almost came face to face with the goalkeeper. In general, the striker habitually searched for free zones and helped partners to reach shock positions.

Miladinovich’s elbow and faded play in front of Cherchesov’s eyes

If in the first half Fedor was still more or less noticeable, then after the break he reminded himself only occasionally. With each passing minute, the attacker became more and more tired of the regular guardianship of the opponent’s central defenders and was less and less noted for useful actions.

With the release of Yaki Bijola on the field, the location of the striker changed somewhat, he, together with Vlašić, began to sink lower to collect rebounds after the Slovenian won the martial arts. This tactic paid off, but Chalov was still not very noticeable.

Of the dangerous moments with the participation of the best RPL scorer of the last season, one can only recall the cool “scoop” in the penalty area for Vlašić, after which the Croatian struck a little inaccurate. In another episode, Fedor so competently went into pressure on Dzhanaev that he put the ball out.

It seemed that Chalov, in front of Cherchesov, who was present in the stands, would eventually hold one of the most obscure matches for himself lately, but at the end of the game he was again in the spotlight. After filing from the standard, Miladinovich waved his elbow off the striker and broke his nose, but the judge did not appoint a penalty.

“It happened by chance with Chalov. I just raised my hand up and hit his face. This was not done on purpose. I do not think that this is a penalty, the blow was not so strong. I immediately apologized, ”the Serb made excuses after the final whistle.

However, Fedor did not accept these apologies and almost attacked his opponent with fists. The striker’s face was really seriously broken, the blood could not be stopped for a long time, but he still rushed to the field and in a minute managed to return to the game, earning the applause of the fans.

But in general, Chalov hardly deserves a standing ovation for this meeting. He was practically invisible and did not have moments for a goal, although several times he worked well with partners. Dziuba in the match against Dynamo looked much brighter and proved Cherchesov right. In the first five rounds of the RPL, Artem's account has 7 points for performance (4 goals + 3 assists), and Fedor has only 3 (2 + 1), but he does not lose heart, commenting on the situation.

“Five rounds have passed in the new season. What was in the past remains there. We need to show even better results with renewed vigor. Of course, I feel that rivals are attuning to me differently after becoming the top scorer in the league. I would like to continue to show myself brightly, so that they treat me even more carefully. How did you survive a week full of rumors about my future? I abstract from the rumors and do what I must. I go out onto the football field and try to play beautiful football, ”said Chalov on Match TV.

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