The Trump Administration Towards Tightening Citizenship Conditions for Illegal Immigrants Discussion Heating August 13th 4:34

The American Trump administration has announced that it will tighten the conditions for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship. President Trump seems to have an aim to appeal against illegal immigration, but the opposition parties are increasingly criticizing that they are promoting social division, and discussions on immigration policy will be held in next year's presidential election It seems to heat up more and more.

Acting Secretary Kuchineri of the United States Immigration Bureau held a press conference at the White House on the 12th, saying, “The Trump administration introduces a system that allows immigrants to become independent and succeed in the United States, based on the philosophy of self-responsibility,” illegal immigrants are citizens Announced that it will tighten the conditions for obtaining the right to permanent residence.

Specifically, for immigrants with low income and education levels, and for immigrants with a history of using welfare services such as medical assistance and food assistance provided by the US government, it is difficult to obtain citizenship.

Since this system will be effective from October 15, it seems that President Trump has the goal of strengthening measures against illegal immigration, which is also a signboard policy for next year's presidential election.

On the other hand, the opposition party and the Democratic Party are increasingly criticizing that President Trump's discriminatory actions against immigrants are promoting social divide and hate crimes aimed at immigrants, and discussions over immigration policies are increasingly heated It seems to be.