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"Trump is also my fan": Ovechkin about retirement, idols and advice to parents


For the emergence of new hockey stars in Russia, you need to create more children's leagues and teams. This opinion was expressed by Russian striker Alexander Ovechkin at a press conference on the holding of his tournament, Ovi Cup. He also advised parents when it is better to give a child to hockey, told what he would do after retirement, and explained why US President Donald Trump calls him Alexander the Great.

Alexander Ovechkin took part in a press conference dedicated to the children's hockey tournament “Ovi Cup” sponsored by him. First of all, he advised parents how to educate a player, and children how to achieve the same success as himself.

“Now there are a lot of schools and sections that specialize in hockey. At first, I would choose the one that is closer to home. Then, when it becomes clear that there is talent, you can send it to Dynamo, CSKA or any other. You can also choose Yaroslavl, Omsk or Ufa. Personally, I started to study late, and someone could have done it before. Going to the section at five, six or seven years seems normal to me. At the age of 12, a player can already see a star, but not yet on a global scale. It all depends on the development, willpower and good luck. To become like Ovechkin, you must love your sport, train and not be distracted by all sorts of trivia. We must set a goal and achieve it through sweat and labor, ”said Ovechkin.

The player “Washington Capitals” complained about the lack of teams and competitions in Russia, so that it would be easier for young players to go up to the adult level, but noted that the situation has recently improved.

“So that young talents are not lost on the way to big hockey, you need to create more children's leagues. In the US and Canada, you can lose count, as long as you list how many opportunities there are for children in the sporting plan. This is not only hockey, but also other types. When I started, there were eight different teams. If you do not get into the second or youth, then leave to study and finish with the sport. Now, fortunately, everything is developing, but I would like to see even more ice rinks, teams, leagues. Children may not be revealed at a young age, but start playing at the age of 17-18, ”said the Stanley Cup winner.

He also added that he himself misses the time when the child took part in training trips with children's teams.

“As a child, all the training sessions were a great time, because you spend all your time with friends, with the team. I also visited Finland, where I went with my mother's club for four years, and to the camp named after Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. There are many memories left, many moments from that time I would like to repeat, but we have already become adults, ”the athlete complained.

Ovechkin admitted that his son Sergei, who was born last August, will definitely give up hockey.

“My son will not have another way. I think that when he starts walking and comes to hockey for the first time, he will like it very much, and then he will say: “Dad, give sticks and skates”. He will have no other options. Of course, football and basketball will also play. But we will not force, ”the hockey player said.

At the same time, the attacker told who he saw himself after the end of his career, and assured that he would not switch to coaching.

“I would not want to become a coach after completing a career. I have another two years with the Washington Capitals contract. Next year there will be a shutout, so I’m not sure where I’ll play and continue my career. Everything will depend on health. I want not to be broken, but also to play with the children. feel normal after completing a career. Become the Minister of Sport of Russia? We will live and see, ”added Ovechkin.

The hockey player said that as a child he had many idols and playing with one of them in one team was the fulfillment of his dream.

“Valery Kamensky was my favorite idol. Of the veteran liked Alexander Maltsev. Unfortunately, a little video was preserved with him. There is also Sergey Fedorov, Mario Lemieux, I wanted to be like them when I was a child. Then, when I went out on the ice and played against them, I understood that I had already achieved something. With Fedorov managed to play in the same team. It was a dream that came true, ”admitted the player.

Finally, Ovechkin told what nickname he likes most and how he relates to what Donald Trump called him Alexander the Great.

“I don’t pay attention to what they consider me to be the best Russian hockey player and the most popular Russian in the United States. As it is, there is. I am the same person as everyone else, just more recognizable. Donald Trump called me Alexander the Great? Usually the fans say so. So he is also my fan. I just like Ovi, this is the best option, ”said the hockey player.

Source: russiart

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