Gifts reported to voters METI Minister “No survey results found” Oct. 15 16:57

As a result of investigating the facts related to the fact that the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry reported that he handed out gifts to voters in his own district, no list of gift destinations was found at this time. , Revealed that there was no recognition that gifts were distributed.

The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, selected by the 9th ward of the House of Representatives in Tokyo, reported last week that some weekly magazines reported that gifts such as melons and crabs were distributed to voters in their own constituencies around 2007. At the House of Representatives Budget Committee, he showed his idea of ​​investigating the facts, such as the presence or absence of a list of destinations at the request of the opposition party.

In the afternoon of the House of Councilors budget committee meeting on the 15th, Mr. Sugawara said, “I looked for the House of Representatives and local offices, but now I received a report from a secretary that I could not find the list.” It has been clarified that he has not instructed to create.

Mr. Hideya Sugio of the Constitutional Democratic Party pursued, “If you have distributed such a large amount of melon, you can't remember it,” Mr. Sugawara said, “I don't have that recognition.”