Spain Independence movement in Catalonia The longest forbidden 13-year sentence October 15 0:39

Supremely, the Supreme Court handed down a 13-year sentence of imprisonment to executives of the then state government in Catalonia who forced a referendum to ask for the independence from Spain. In Catalonia, it is expected that independence against this will gain momentum again.

In a referendum in October in Catalonia in northeastern Spain, the provincial government executives and leaders of the independence movement at the time asked for the independence of October, forced the vote against the government's opposition. As a treason against the nation.

The Supreme Court of the capital, Madrid, sentenced Junkerras, the deputy prime minister of Catalonia, to 13 years with the heaviest imprisonment for 13 years, and the other 8 to 9 years to 12 years.

The Supreme Court has also requested an arrest from EU = European member states for Petit Demon, the then Prime Minister of Catalonia, who has now moved to Belgium.

Catalonia has the largest economy in the country and has a strong movement toward independence from Spain due to its unique language and culture, which has become a serious issue for successive governments.

After the decision, Prime Minister Sanchez said at the press conference that the issue of independence has entered a new stage and called for a dialogue-based solution.

However, in Catalonia, the independence movement is expected to gain momentum again due to a rebound, such as demonstrations by independence groups following the ruling.

Independents protest against judgment

In response to the judgment of the Spanish Supreme Court, protests by independent residents are spreading throughout Catalonia.

Reuters footage shows how many residents are demonstrating a banner with the slogan of freedom.

In addition, some of the citizens gathered to protest at the airport in Barcelona and the police met, and the railway connecting the airport and the city was temporarily suspended for driving.

In addition, videos of dozens of people occupying the highway in a row are posted on the net.

The British public broadcaster BBC reports that there have been several confirmed movements of residents protesting against the decision to block the main road, and some students are taking classes off.