Baseball U18 World Cup Opening Today Japan National Team Aiming for the first victory of the long-sought August 30th 4:16

The World Cup under the age of 18 will open in Korea on the 30th, and the Japanese national team will be pitcher Iwate Ofunato High School, who is the fastest 163 km, pitcher Saki Aki, who is second place in the national high school baseball in summer, pitcher Ishinobu Seinotsu High School pitcher, Nobu Okugawa We aim for the first victory of the longing.

The World Cup for baseball players under the age of 18 will open on June 30 in Kijan, near Busan, Busan, with 12 countries and regions participating.

The first league will be divided into two groups of 6 teams, and Japan will play Spain in the first match from noon on the 30th.

Japan has a strong pitcher centered on two players, Sasaki pitcher with the fastest speed of 163km and pitcher Okugawa, but Sasaki pitched in the middle finger of the right hand in a send-off game on the 26th of this month. The adjustment was continued without using the ball, and pitcher Okukawa was not in the bullpen until 29th after the Koshien final, considering fatigue.

In Note, Aichi Toho High School player Aya Toshi High School who won the spring Senbatsu pulls the batting line as No. 4, aiming for a baseball that accumulates points by taking advantage of few chances while bunting and tricks.

Japan has never won this tournament, aiming for the first victory of a long-cherished desire, suppressing the United States, which has won four consecutive titles, and the previous runner-up Korea.