Ukraine First President of Dialogue with Russia Convergence of Conflict August 30th 7:00

Raising the dialogue line with Russia, last month President U.S. President Zerensky, who led the ruling party in a parliamentary election, organized the first cabinet, and whether negotiations with Russia will begin in earnest toward the convergence of the conflict that continues in the eastern part It will be the future focus.

President Zelensky has won the presidential election in April with a dialogue line with Russia, where the conflict continues, and the ruling party “National Servicer” won a majority of the seats alone in the parliamentary election last month.

President Zerensky convened the first parliament after the parliamentary elections on the 29th, and proposed a new cabinet ministerial appointment for approval.

As a result of the vote, 35-year-old Honcharuku, who was a lawyer and previously served as Deputy Secretary of the Cheong Wa Dae, was selected as the new prime minister.

In addition, Mr. Pristyko, who served as Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and served as Deputy Secretary of the Cheong Wa Dae, was decided as the Foreign Minister.

In 2014, fighting between government forces and pro-Russians continued in 2014 in the eastern Ukraine, so far about 13,000 people have been sacrificed. Negotiations aimed at the convergence of the conflict through the establishment of a new cabinet aimed at dialogue with Russia The future focus will be on the realization of.