Liberal Secretary-General, Second Floor, August 27, 13:01

In response to a series of malicious driving, the LDP Secretary-General, second floor, said, “We should deal with it rigorously,” and expressed the idea that there is a need for legislation, including strengthening penalties.

On the Joban Expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture, there are a number of vigorous drivings, such as driving a car and then being arrested for hitting a man and getting injured.

Regarding this, the second-level secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party said at the press conference, “It should be dealt with strictly. There is a great need for legislation.”

The Liberal Democratic Party will hold a special committee on traffic safety measures on the afternoon of 27th to start discussions on necessary measures in order to deter driving, and consider measures such as strengthening penalties and promoting the spread of drive recorders. I would like to make a recommendation.