Komeito representative Yamaguchi expressed caution about early dissolution of the House of Representatives, saying that the public's trust has not been restored in the wake of the problems surrounding the Liberal Democratic Party's faction's political funding party.

On the 4th, Prime Minister Kishida was asked in the Diet, ``Are you thinking of dissolving a slush fund in conjunction with next month's by-election for the House of Representatives?'' He answered, ``I am not thinking about it at all.'' Did.

Regarding this, Komeito representative Yamaguchi stated at a press conference, ``The party's approval rating continues to decline, which confirms the deepening distrust in politics, and unless a trend is created to restore trust, the party should not be disbanded.'' He took a cautious stance toward early dissolution of the House of Representatives.

On the other hand, regarding the four Abe supporters who attended the Political Ethics Committee last week, he said, ``There were some discrepancies in the exchanges, and it seemed like there were some opaque parts.'' Even if it was pointed out that there was not enough accountability, it was unavoidable. I look forward to seeing their efforts,'' he said, acknowledging that some kind of response is necessary to ensure accountability.

Regarding former Liberal Democratic Party Political Affairs Research Chair Shimomura Shimomura's statement that he would like to attend the examination committee and fulfill its accountability, he said, ``It depends on how the Liberal Democratic Party responds, and we must take steps to restore trust.'' I look forward to it."

Furthermore, regarding the House of Councilors Political Ethics Review Committee, which is expected to be held as early as next week, he said, ``I would like them to decide on priorities for attendees, to ensure full openness and accountability, and to consider ways to restore trust in politics.'' said.