Louise Sallé / Photo credits: Jean-Marc Barrere / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 7:05 a.m., March 5, 2024

The Parcoursup higher education admissions platform is "improving", underlines a report on Monday which nevertheless lists recommendations, including the supervision of private training or the harmonization of continuous assessment ratings.

It's the final stretch for final year students and reorientation students to apply on Parcoursup.

They have until March 14 to establish a training wish list.

The Parcoursup Ethical and Scientific Committee (CESP), responsible for criticizing the system, unveiled its annual report for 2023 on Monday evening. The institution, independent of the ministry, is calling for more controls with regard to private training of higher education which have multiplied considerably on the platform in recent years.


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Teaching programs not respected in certain BTS

For example, private establishments today represent 69% of apprenticeship training available on Parcoursup.

This figure continues to increase, without real regulation, because the courses are rarely controlled.

“We noted, particularly on BTS, that sometimes the program had not been followed and that the training provided had not been verified upstream,” reports Gilles Roussel, president of the committee.

Towards an exclusion of training from the platform?

A label, created by the Ministry of Higher Education, should see the light of day by spring to allow families to avoid scams.

But for the committee, we must go further, and ban certain groups from the platform.

“In the current state of the texts, we do not have the means to remove them from Parcoursup,” laments Isabelle Roussel, honorary general inspector and member of the committee.

“And we also lack, but this is upstream, human resources to carry out checks,” she adds.

Only a change in the law would make it possible to exclude these private courses from the platform.