“For pregnant women, I came up with this initiative about four years ago - to limit the sale of alcohol and tobacco to pregnant women.

But here we are faced with such a concept as law enforcement practice.

And there are certain difficulties with this.

But overall, I think the initiative is correct.

We need to approach it carefully and think through the mechanisms of how this is possible.

If additional discussion influences at least 10, 20, 100 pregnant mothers to come to their senses and stop doing this in this situation, then this is already super progress,” the deputy believes.

Commenting on the ban on the sale of tobacco to citizens with children, the parliamentarian noted that the initiative is correct, however, in his opinion, this issue needs to be thoroughly studied.

“Now there are many alcohol markets, specialized alcohol stores, which offer 2-3% food products in their assortment.

Mainly candies, sweets and some other attention-grabbing products.

And they keep the price tag lower than in any other store because they make money from alcohol.

And a lot of children go to these stores specifically for this assortment,” said Khamzaev.

In this regard, he proposed to “ban a child’s entry into an alcohol market.”

“That is, with an adult, without an adult.

The access itself (of a child to an alcohol market -


) should be limited.

This must be approached carefully.

Today, the practice is that many schoolchildren, when walking home from school, stop at alcohol markets on the way, because chocolates there are cheaper than in any other store.

I believe that people call this moral swinishness and we also need to act fundamentally on this,” concluded RT’s interlocutor.

Earlier, the director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Politics, Anton Orlov, proposed limiting the sale of tobacco products to pregnant women and citizens with children.

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